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KYWEAR started under founder/CEO Kyvin Goodin-Rogers and her passion for giving back to the youth. After her experience with life and basketball, she personally understood the need for mentorship and guidance. Through coaching and KYWEAR, Kyvin has dedicated her life to giving back to the game and communities that made her the woman she is today.

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At KYWEAR, our mission is to Keep You Wise Eager and Ready. This goes beyond the basketball court and includes all aspects of life. KYWEAR not only provides basketball opportunities for the youth in our area, but we also provide life mentorship.



Our vision is the help the youth in multiple communities through the game of basketball. KYWEAR is designed to help student athletes with their struggles on and off the court through mentorship, programs, camps, and more. Want to help us reach more youth in our area? Become a sponsor today!

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